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Bernie’s Blend

Sulawesi, Indonesia
Back in the day when the shop first opened, Pat’s lifelong friend, Bernie, said that he wanted to come to Java Beach everyday, but he needed a really rich, intense coffee. We looked high and low for a uniquely rich coffee and stumbled upon Celebes and fell in love with the complexities and richness. Celebes was the Dutch colonial name for what we now know as Sulawesi. Bernie’s blend was invented in 1993 and we have been using Sulawesi for almost two decades. It is roasted a smokey dark on a Diedrich and it is a house favorite.

Colombia: 100% Huila

Our Colombia originally envisioned as the light roast counterpart to Bernie’s, our dark Sulawesi coffee and this remains true today. The bean hails from a high altitude. It is  the mellowest of our coffees, light roasted on a Probat to bring out hints of chocolate, marshmallow and brown sugar with slight hibiscus tartness. It goes well with cream.  Buttery body and sweet finish.


French Roast

Blend of Nicaraguan, Guatemalan and Sidamo beans
Coffee geeks are taking over San Francisco and we’re happy to embrace them. But, not so long ago, customers were convinced that French Roast originated from France. We’ve come a long way, baby! Now, customers seem to take for granted that French Roast is a roast profile. But, you don’t need to know much about coffee to enjoy this coffee because your overriding thought is  “this is so good.” It’s an everyday staple around these parts and we love the way the Nicaraguan, Guatemalan and Sidamo dance with each other in this blend. We feel certain you will love it, too.


Judah Tunnel Espresso Blend

Now this is a house secret, sorry folks! We revamped the espresso about two years ago and we have had baristas from all over town come to sing its praises. We agree in full disclosure, but this is where we have to draw the line and encourage you to taste and guess. It’s sweet and light and forms a beautiful crema. We wanted to create a lighter espresso with fuller body that favored melted chocolate a swirl of butterscotch and a dash of white chocolate. After a lot of tasting, we finally created a luscious freestanding espresso and when it is paired with milk is pure ecstasy. We could tell you more, but then we’d have to…


Decaf French

Seasonal blend of Brazil, Ethiopia and Sumatra —- It’s amazing how many chemicals are used in decaffeinated coffees. Chloride and coffee do not mix well, but it is common practice. This is why we prefer a water-processed bean. You can smell the difference in the green beans. The beans are roasted dark and people love the richness and can’t believe they are drinking decaf.


Cold Press

We steep coarse coffee grounds in cold water for 24 hours before we strain. This produces a super sweet and no acidic coffee beverage with a tremendous amount of caffeine. We prepare ours with double concentrate making it rich and potent. We prefer taking a Washed Yirgacheffe Gr. 2 and taming the acidity and produces a chocolate-y delight. Perfect for a warm day on the beach!


A FEW EXAMPLES OF OUR Once-in-awhile coffees highlighted in our drip coffee:


Costa Rica, La Rosa

Costa Rica / Naranjo La Rosa
This Arabica coffee comes from the high altitudes in the mountains of the Naranjo region. The beans are carefully harvested and cured according to time honored traditions. Volcanic soil rich in organics and pure mountain water, nurture this coffee and give it the mark of distinction as being one of the finest coffees to come out of Costa Rica. The “La Rosa” is part of the Federation of Coffee Cooperatives, uniting independent growers.


Three Kings

One of our favorite seasonal coffees. Tanzania Ruvuma, Kenya Kiambu and Uganda Bugisu surround the Lake Victoria in East Africa. Lake Victoria is the largest tropical lake in the world and the region produces lush coffees. We roast the three coffees light and separate and then blend them together to produce a milk chocolatey, caramel, creamy taste with a slight hint of hibiscus.


Fazenda do Sertão Brazil

This coffee from Fazenda do Sertão, Brazil is an upper echelon coffee and will not disappoint. It’s wonderfully showcased in our Slow Drip coffee process. We have roasted it medium to bring out the cocoa, caramel flavors with a full, buttery finish. We love it with cream, but it is wonderful black. Take a sip before you put the cream in just to get the full experience.