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Java Beach’s are independent, mom ‘n pop shops co-owned by San Franciscan husband and wife team, Patrick and Buffy Maguire. Forever a work-in-progress, Java Beach represents their love and life work. The original Java Beach on Judah and the Great Highway opened in 1993 and the second opened in 2008 across the street from the San Francisco Zoo. The two shops bookend the boundaries of the Ocean Beach neighborhood.  In fact, Java Beach and Ocean Beach have become synonymous for many including the Maguire’s. OB is where they live, work and play. Their days are devoted to making Java Beach the best it can be. This process starts with the coffee, where they engage in meticulous standards of sourcing, cupping and roasting. They apply these high standards to every aspect at Java Beach.

Java Beach Café is currently hiring for the following position:
Operations Manager: Manage operations of three cafés. Direct staff, oversee personnel matters, resolve customer complaints.
Job site: San Francisco, California
Must have at least four years of experience in job offered.
Please send resumes to:
Java Beach Cafe
3620 Wawona St.
San Francisco, CA 94116.